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This Policy describes the information we collect from you, how we use that information and our legal basis for doing so. It also covers whether and how that information may be shared and your rights and choices regarding the information you provide to us.

This site does not automatically gather any personal information from you unless you provide it to Encode voluntarily through contacting us via e-mail, or through you completing and submitting an online form. Personal information (such as name, e-mail, address, phone number) obtained from users of this site is collected, managed, used and disclosed by Encode pursuant to the EU GDPR. This means that, at the point of collection, you will be informed that your personal information is being collected, the purpose for which it is being collected, and that you have a right of access to the information, and at any time can request for the data to be deleted.

If you should choose to provide us with personal information - as in an e-mail or by filling out a form and submitting to us through the site - we will use that information to respond to your message and to help us get the information you have requested. Encode does not collect personal information for sharing with other parties.


Cookies of a technical character are used on the Encode website only if strictly necessary for the provision of the web service. These include preference cookies and session cookies.

Statistical (anonymized) third-party cookies are in use, via google analytics, they are used for a demographic mapping of our visitors and their preferences, they will collect IP and location . The cookies will never collect personal data like name, email or phone numbers. Please find more information on the Cookie Policy page.

External links

Some links in on Encode's website point to documents and sites which are not located within the internet domain and, therefore, are not managed or controlled by Encode A/S. These links are included to point the reader to other possibly relevant resources.

A link to a document or site other than those included within the domain does not necessarily imply that Encode endorses the organization(s) or person(s) providing them, agrees with the ideas expressed, or attests to the correctness, factuality, appropriateness, or legality of the contents.

We encourage reading the privacy policies of these third party websites and services to understand how such third parties collect, use and share information.


For privacy related issues and handling of personal data, please contact the Encode privacy team by mail :

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Please note that this Privacy Policy may change from time to time. In the event we make material changes that reduces your rights or Encodes obligations under this Privacy Policy, we will post a notice in this section of this Privacy Policy notifying End Users when it is updated.

Last updated/version: May 17, 2018