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Our customers save up to 70% of the time to market for even very extensive campaign formats. And that's end to end.

Business case for marketers

As marketing departments go global the need for a centralized and controlled marketing process gets high.

You want to make sure that brand guidelines are followed, and that the latest versions of the digital assets are used. You also want smooth approval processes, efficient collaboration and reuse of materials. The CMO gets actionable insight via dashboards, and creative people want dynamic job lists and Digital Job Jackets.

We help marketers to do what they do best. All managed in a streamlined workflow with global access.

  • Brand management dashboards
  • Global access for company departments or shops
  • Campaign management and planning
  • Digital asset management
  • Print, digital and video approvals
  • Product content management and delivery to media channels
  • Private label and packaging workflows
70 %
The potential for reducing the time to market is huge.

Launching global campaigns demands a unified approach, not a stack of different marketing systems. Then you can keep brand messaging aligned, even across media channels. With the help of Encode’s content and GDPR compliant DAM modules you can review and pre-approve content prior to posting to ensure quality and consistency.

On top of that you need a system that is flexible enough to support the rapidly changing media landscape where new media channels constantly pop up. As a Multi-Channel Marketer using Encode, you will be able to plan campaigns, edit content and approve campaign elements in a collaborative workflow with your colleagues.

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  • Multi-channel marketing dashboard
  • Campaign management and planning
  • Digital asset management
  • Product information management
  • Workflow management

Business case for Agencies

The goal is simple: One system where you manage all your client interaction from brief to final delivery.

Every feature in the Encode system is designed and built to improve and secure effective delivery to your Client. Launching global campaigns demands an efficient creative workflow and not a stack of different interaction points.

As a Creative Project Manager using Encode, you can collaborate with clients, manage projects and jobs and meet approval deadlines in a collaborative workflow. A global set-up allows you to collaborate with your clients and colleagues and have one shared Creative Project Management suite.

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  • Digital job jacket workflow
  • Creative project dashboard
  • Campaign management and planning
  • Digital asset management
  • Asset, digital and video approvals
  • Global access
  • Easy adaption to new media content

Business case for Retailers

When given the right tools, product content management is turned into a dynamic process:

All departments from Purchase and Category Management to Marketing and Sales work in a collaborative process making the product time to market a matter of hours not weeks.

The smooth processes will motivate your teams to make product content management an integrated part of the marketing and sales process.

The right product content, presented and promoted at the right price, in the right media channel, is a powerful way to make your eCommerce platform perform better, improve the performance of your emails and make your digital banners and print ads perform in a multi-channel landscape.

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  • Product content dashboards
  • Product content database
  • Campaign management and planning
  • Digital asset management
  • Acquire product data from many data sources
  • Analysis on product performance in marketing campaigns
  • Maintain product content for multiple media channels
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  • Process management dashboards
  • Global access for manufacturers and suppliers
  • Project management and planning
  • Digital asset management
  • Product, label and packaging approvals
  • Product content management
  • Translation flow management
  • Compliance workflows