Digital maturity was a key revenue driver for DIY retailers through Covid

Let's assess your potential for optimising and digitising your commercial workflows and master the complexity of multi-channel marketing and omnichannel sales.

Valuable workflow analysis

Stay agile

The year 2020 was like a giant experiment in retail business. Never before had so much been bought online. Never before had retailers managed to service consumers in so many different channels. Never before were so much of the workflow within the retailer moved onto digital channels.

At Encode, we experienced this first hand as a number of our Danish clients weathered the storm of uncertainty by showing digital maturity that made all the difference. Some of these clients are powerful actors on the DIY retail business scene, and they have shown a remarkable ability to digitize further during Covid-19. To us at Encode, they represent instructive examples of how you stay agile and succeed in a highly competitive market where omnichannel mastery is a key differentiating factor.

Best practise is ... well, better.

Before you spend time inventing the wheel to transform your business to support new internal infrastructures and market changes, we feel we must offer you our domain expertise to help focus your business.


  • In-depth workflow analysis conducted remotely by Encode workflow specialists


  • Your as-is way of working
  • Your organisation and stakeholders
  • Main data domains involved
  • Current time and resource consumption
  • Benchmark against best practices of leading global retailers, brands, agencies, manufacturers, financial institutions, and content factories.


  • Report with the most obvious areas to optimise
  • Business case

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