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The current situation we are facing is impacting people and organisations all over the world. Priorities are being changed, and people and businesses are uncertain about the future.

Furthermore, people now working remotely significantly changes the way we are collaborating. As organisations, we need to swiftly adapt to this new reality and find ways that ensure we continue being efficient.

The current situation has shown that we need to expect the unexpected and be as prepared as possible to face serious threats to our business. In some cases, technology could be the enabler to minimise the risk to your business efficiency.

You probably already have identified several things you wish would go more smoothly, right? But do you know what are the most critical areas of your business to prioritize first?

As a tech company, with 20 years of domain expertise working with the world's leading retailers, brand-owners and Marketing agencies, with an international span and many touchpoints, we currently hear considerations from our customers like:

  • How can I make sure people are still able to work collaboratively under remote conditions?
  • In case people are unavailable, how am I going to carry out the same amount of work but with fewer hands?
  • How do I reduce the vulnerability of my organization and my core workflows?
  • How do I get the most out of my marketing investments?
  • My suppliers or my clients are facing the same problems as me, and it has a negative effect on my ability to conduct my business. Which preventative measure could I make to reduce my risks by onboarding them into my workflows or my platform and reduce the dependencies?
  • To improve profitability and effectiveness, how can I automate as many business processes as possible?
  • How do I improve general time to market, including turn-around times on my content?
  • How can I effectively react to market changes and, as an example, effectively do immediate price, product, or content changes across all my digital or physical channels?

Can you relate?

Before you spend time scanning the market for solutions that can help you transform your business to support new internal infrastructures and market changes, we feel we must offer you a free workshop that will help focus your business.


  • In-depth workflow analysis conducted remotely by Encode workflow specialists


  • Your as-is way of working
  • Your organization and stakeholders
  • Main data domains involved
  • Current time and resource consumption
  • Benchmark against best practices of leading global retailers, brands, agencies, manufacturers, financial institutions, and content factories.


  • Report with the most obvious areas to optimize
  • Business case

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