Trends - The Internet of Things

Working with retailers to realise the marketing potential of the Internet of Things

A focus for Encode in 2016 is developing our offering to retailers who have an Internet of Things (IoT) strategy within their marketing technology landscape to connect the physical and digital worlds, allowing bidirectional, real-time interaction with consumers both inside and outside the store.

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Future of Retail as a Multi-Channel 'Internet of Things'

Our multi-channel marketing solution is ideally placed to plan, manage and deliver both marketing activities and product content to IoT devices. Encode’s Product Content Management functionality measures content readiness to ensure that only complete and approved content reaches the customer through your in-store devices. A marketing calendar aids in planning promotions so that the same message can pushed to multiple channels at once.

Some example areas where we can help retailers in their journey towards the IoT enabled store:

  • Real-time content pushed to connected digital signage
  • Product information in digital changing rooms
  • Real-time delivery of personalised offers to mobiles
  • Content for demand and trend based smart price tags
  • Promotional content for kiosks

Content within the Encode platform can either be pulled by the software driving the IoT devices via our API or pushed to the API of the solution driving the devices e.g. centralised smart price tag management software.

All of the above can be delivered whilst also using our proven functionality for delivering content to offline channels such as printed weekly flyers and instore POS.

  • Plan, create, approve and publish your product content and promotions across your IoT devices all from one system.