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Best Workflow Management Tool Software

You probably know the challenge: producing the entire portfolio of marketing materials at the right cost - without spending too much time and too many resources.

What is a workflow tool?

A workflow tool, whether application- or engine based, is software, that (to a greater or lesser extent) automates multistep processes by managing how and when tasks should be solved in relation to each other and by whom.

More specifically, the workflow management software will automatically facilitate the process, send notifications and tasks to the relevant team members, keep track of deadlines, which actions are needed next, versions etc.

The rules and actions taken by the workflow tool are defined by you, but once set up, it will free up a lot of your time, so you and your team can focus on the actual tasks, knowing that the workflow software is managing the process.

What are the key functions of a workflow tool?

The key functions of workflow tools vary depending on the provider. But generally, you should look for solutions based on automation software with the following functions and specifications:

  1. Cloud based. The software should be accessible globally to all relevant parties, at all times.
  2. Integrable to your key systems and tools. Keep track of everything in one system: from visuals and copy, to contacts, approvals etc.
  3. Adaptable. Your business is constantly developing and changing – and so should your workflow tool!
  4. Role-based access. You control who can see and edit what – including suppliers and/or customers.
  5. Analysis and reporting functions. Let the workflow software help you evaluate processes and productions each step of the way. That way, you can optimize for the next time around and stay ahead of your competitors.

How will a workflow system benefit your company?

A workflow system can help your company in a number of ways – and the more automated the system is, the more advantages you get.

One of the major benefits of using a workflow management solution is that it shortens your time to market. This is done through:

  • Reducing re-work, time tracking and process managing.
  • Organizing and improving approval processes.
  • Identifying bottlenecks and redundant steps
  • … and so much more.

As an example, the Encode marketing workflow software gives you the following concrete advantages, among several others:

  • Easily manage growing campaign activity
    Campaign activities are increased heavily in most organizations due to a demand of constant presence, personalization and relevance from customers. The workflow-engine or tool you choose should be able to save you resources in both employees and time by speeding up time to market.
  • Decrease complexity
    Campaign structures are becoming more complex due to the automation and detailed segmentation models of omni-channel set-ups. With an automated workflow, you decrease the complexity and the number of manual processes.
  • Optimal coordination and integration
    The number of processes handled in Excel, e-mails, PDF’s and other formats or systems increase. And if they are not aligned internally in the organization and with suppliers, you easily end up spending too much effort and time coordinating and versioning.
  • Decrease time fixing bugs and errors
    Control and optimize the proofing and printing processes. The right workflow tool will decrease complexity no matter how many departments/suppliers are involved, so you do not waste time solving errors between versions of your material or campaign.
  • Reduce dependency on agencies
    The more manual the workflow, the more dependent your company will be on specific people or agencies. With the automated workflow software from Encode, you will own the process and thereby gain a higher degree of control.
  • Control data
    GDPR and an ever-growing focus on legislation greatly amplifies the risk of penalties. Workflow management tools such as Encode simplify the process and ensure that rules and guidelines are met, keeping your company safe.

Should you consider Encode as your workflow tool?

If you are looking for highly automated workflow management software, the Encode solution could be right for you. We have specialized solutions for retailers, agencies, brands, private label product manufactures, financial institutions and content factories.

Encode provides you with future-proof and well-established workflow management software used every day by thousands of users worldwide across a number of industries.

The implementation process is very short compared to many other workflow tools. With an Encode workflow solution, you will in most cases be up and running after 4-8 weeks, depending on the size of the project. And with more than 18 years in the business, we will be building your personalized solution on a solid foundation of knowledge and best practice.

Additionally, the Encode workflow management system software is made to be agile and easily adapted, since we know that the challenges your company face tomorrow are not the same as today.

Therefore, you can make both micro and macro optimizations and adaptions forthgoing. Whether you open new channels, outsource your production, reshuffle your organization or do something completely different, your Encode solution can grow and change to best fit your needs and support your business goals.