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Intelligent Operations Management based on AI

Use AI-enabled technology to intelligently distribute work to teams or individuals.


Use AI-enabled technology to intelligently distribute work to teams, or individuals based on priority, location, availability, brand knowledge, skill requirements and any other custom attribute, or manually assign tasks to team members with the drag-and-drop interface.

Along with a new drag and drop Scheduler View to manually allocate tasks to resources, the Resource Scheduler is the first service within the new Encode AI Engine which uses state of the art AI scheduling algorithms in conjunction with machine learning algorithms to get recommendations on the right task allocation to the right resource. The resource scheduler finds the most suitable schedule of tasks from a pool of uncompleted tasks.

The Encode AI Engine is designed as a Machine Learning as a Service feature (MLaaS) and can be suited to individual customer needs. Therefore not only can the AI Engine recognize patterns in allocating previous tasks to a specific resource but it will also recognize future planning of tasks to a resource with regular, automatic updates to the AI training models.