Customer story

Customer Story: The Encode solution for Carestream

How the Encode platform improved workflows and overview while integrating seamlessly with existing systems.

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Carestream - Encode customer case

The company

Carestream Dental is a leader in dental imaging solutions and practice management software for dentists worldwide.


With customers worldwide and 2 billion images captured annually, the creative team at Carestream Dental is heavily dependent on solutions that assist in digitising the workflow.

The solution

Encode has made it easier to assign jobs and to manage projects from creation to completion.


Carestream Dental Success Story

Download this story if you are working in a global environment, or if you are curious about how the Encode platform is tailored to meet specific needs and challenges.

Carestream - Encode customer case
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Encode helps me make sure my jobs stay on track and has been essential in keeping things moving while we are all working remotely.

JamieLynne Weiss
CS Solutions Regional Product Director at Carestream

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