Customer story

Customer Story: The Encode solution for Agrosevilla

How the Encode platform transformed marketing into a powerful engine and prompted the rest of the organisation to onboard as well.

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Encode solution for Agrosevilla

The company

Agrosevilla is the world’s largest exporter of olives for consumption. They send 80.000 tons of the popular fruit to more than 70 countries worldwide.


Labels, by the millions, compliancy with changing laws and food regulation prompted Agrosevilla to look for a new system to handle marketing with zero errors.

The Solution

Encode’s platform helped AgroSevilla streamline all marketing activities and gradually align the organisation with other departments working on the same solution.


Agrosevilla success story

Download this story if you are eager to optimise your marketing processes and/or if you want to know how the Encode solution can break down silos.

Encode solution for Agrosevilla
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The Encode platform was simple to operate, and it was adapted completely to our workflow as a second skin.

Finbarr González O’Sullivan
Marketing manager at Agrosevilla

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