Customer story

Customer Story: The Encode solution for Davidsen

How the Encode platform improved the flow from purchasing to the shops - a journey of more than 9.000 km.

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Davidsen - Encode customer case

The company

Davidsen’s is a leading regional construction industry supplier with 22 large outlets across Denmark.


How to brief remote staff on the production of weekly promotions for both print and digital channels - and improve time to market.

The solution

Encode connects the core promotion workflow and all stakeholders involved from purchase to the shop floor.


Davidsen Success Story

Download this story if you are curious about how you can get everyone in your company involved and onboard the Encode platform, or if you want to future-proof your business.

Davidsen - Encode customer case
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We would need to double up on the number of employees within marketing, if we didn’t work on the Encode platform.

Kristina Rudebeck Dahl
CMO at Davidsen Tømmerhandel A/S

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