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Creative & Media

We organize the world’s agencies

Agencies require a system that can support global clients as well as a global company structure. The ability to deliver cross media global campaigns is key for growth.

Encode and the Creative industry

Our creative Digital Job Jacket, allow agencies to have a seamless collaboration with customers and manage assets, jobs, approvals and campaigns in one system. With a global access and an advanced user management that allows you to restrict access to features and assets, the Encode tool is ideal for agencies who want to build a digital collaboration platform based on transparency, trust and security at the same time.

  • Production agencies
  • Creative agencies
  • Digital agencies
  • Global agencies

Encode has been delivering agency systems to some of the world’s leading and fastest growing agencies with thousands of daily users.

  • Dashboards and email notifications make the workflow effective and jobs travel from office to office or continent to continent to make follow the sun production a reality. Integrating publication databases and delivery networks makes easy and bullet proof workflows possible.

  • Transparent workflows with full audit trail makes the agency compliant to client demands. The health and medical industry uses Encode for SOX compliant workflows.

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