Financial Services - local departments in a global setup

Financial Services

Brand management at its best

The financial industry is heavily regulated but marketing departments still need to focus on brand management and brand guidelines.

Local departments in a global setup

Local departments often need to act in a centrally controlled marketing setup. Making centrally published templates available for the local department. Documents/forms and centrally packaged marketing campaigns can be ordered and shipped together with merchandise packages. Financial services we serve:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Business advisors and professional services

Motivate local teams to do more events and local marketing. Control brand guidelines and make sure images are used in the right way and copyright is protected.

  • Make sure your company does not use photos that you do not have the copyright for. Or make sure the copyright is not violated in the local department. With advanced image workflows, you are able to watermark pictures or deny access to pictures with expired copyright.

  • If you have a successful local campaign, why not reuse that in other parts of the business or in another region with the same demographic structure. Making campaign elements available for all departments makes it possible to do more marketing with the same resources and make your marketing cost drop.

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