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Producing marketing material in the health industry requires a documented and transparent workflow. Security and access control are key elements in a Marketing Suite in the Health industry.

Encode Brand Management Suite

The Health industry is a strongly regulated industry with demands on process documentation and workflows that need to be followed. Beside the regulations, the need for employee collaboration across your organization is similar to other industries. Assigning user roles — Admin, legal department, Editor, Content Creator, and different approvers — you can structure your workflow, and partner agencies, for efficient marketing workflows. People we serve within the Health industry:

  • Medical companies
  • Global medical companies
  • Health care products
  • Dental industry

Create effective workflows with a Brand Management Suite

  • Approve digital content, print ads and video in one tool. Engage with your colleagues in local departments, external agencies and the management level to get your marketing elements approved in a seamless process.

  • See which team member or external partner made an edit, left a comment, when the change was made and why it was needed. Audit trails help ensure guidelines are followed and best practices are maintained.

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