Transportation - Organized Marketing


We organize the world’s marketing departments

Transportation is a Global industry and many companies work across borders or with multiple legal entities setting the demand for a Global Marketing suite.

The need for organized marketing

Collaboration is essential in global companies with multi-lingual marketing and more brands to manage. It’s a complex setup where every brand needs to act on it’s own but still follow brand guidelines. Brands that need the ability to act locally but still lean on a central marketing department or central production unit.

Transportation we serve:

  • Shipping and logistics
  • Container shipping
  • Car manufacturing
  • Airways
  • Delivery companies
  • Local transportation

Key functionalities are Digital Asset Management, project collaboration, effective approval workflows, templates for ads, flyers and presentations and learn from the best campaigns executed and reuse elements across markets or brands.

  • Integrating to eCommerce platforms via XML import and export or standard built interfaces, makes the product content flow directly onto the eCommerce platform making the handling of hundreds of thousands of Pictures and Content an automated process.

  • Creating a unique ad or a local version of it used to require additional time, cost and resources. But with our AdBuilder you can make a custom ad in minutes. Our platform allows you full control to build your version or a local version of a well performing ad, making the insertion in you local media directly from the applications. The AdBuilder makes you react locally and reuse from a global campaign.

Our Clients