• Encode for brand owners

    Full transparency of all activities within branding, communication, and marketing

Dive into the brand marketing process

Know the destination before you start to move

Make sure all your activities are anchored firmly in the global strategy, tactics and KPIs, and all stakeholders on all levels know the great WHY? Cascade top-down from strategy level to budget, project and job level to ensure full alignment, and track status, performance, and progress bottom-up from activity level to strategy level.

Set and share the frame for all planning and budgets

Create and manage the essential framework for all your marketing activities. Manage budgets, projects, briefs, jobs, designs, and content. Create the single source of truth for all stakeholders internally as well as externally in one platform.

Create the basis for flawless execution

Increase the quality of your briefs to ensure flawless production and execution further down the workflow and avoid wasting time. Allow your highly skilled staff to focus on activities that create value by automated, system driven workflows.

Know the impact on resources

Predict resource allocation needs and production costs to avoid bottlenecks, delays, and misalignment of expectations and budgets with full audit trail.

Empower the production to do their utmost

Produce faster and with greater precision based on perfect briefs containing all relevant information and assets. Reduce the risk of errors in the final product by reuse of pre-approved content and assets.

Get the full audit trail

Minimise the approval workload by online proofs. Ensure involvement of the relevant approvers at the right moment in time. Keep track of all comments and change request with full audit trail.

Execute with precision

Submit your content and assets to the relevant channels. Share collaterals and templates with your customers or partners in the Encode portal. Enable precise local execution with a complete global overview.

Some of our customers

Get significant savings with Encode


% time saved on approvals


% errors caught before first approval


% time reduced in production

  • Structure and overview to processes in your entire organization
  • Improve your time-to-market.
  • Increase quality of the final marketing collateral.
  • Less mistakes in the approval and compliance process and no errors in the final marketing product.
  • Improve reporting.
  • Instant overview of your situation.



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