• Encode for content factories

    Manage your teams and projects with full workflow automation

Take the content factory tour

Plan everything and share when needed

Build and manage the planning framework and ensure allocation of resources to different job types. Manage and allocate budgets. Share planning – with full access control.

Create the perfect basis for your teams to work

Create rich briefs based on project, brand or client specific briefing templates. Get commitment and sign-off from all stakeholders to ensure efficiency during the production workflow.

Produce efficient and effective content

Send jobs through an automated workflow to ensure full enrichment with relevant content. Base enrichment on policies, guidelines, templates or any other logic required.

Manage translation workflows with greater speed and precision

Send content to translation straight from the system and keep track of what is translated where, when and with which deadlines.

Produce with confidence and speed

Produce high quality content first time right based on perfect briefs. Integrate to your existing production setup to minimise the risk of manual errors. Store produced collateral in the system to kick off automated approval workflows.

Faster approval phase with a full audit trail

Submit any collateral through automated approval workflows making sure relevant stakeholders are involved at the right moment in time. Keep full overview of progress and any change requested. If needed, reroute collaterals via compliance workflows to minimise errors.

Distribute your content directly from Encode

Manage the publishing of content to the various channels from the system – and make sure that expired content is deactivated.

Save your great – and fully approved – content for later (re)use

Get started much faster next time by reusing content and collateral stored in the system. Reduce workload throughout the entire production workflow.

Significant savings with Encode


% time saved on approvals


% errors eliminated before first approval


% time reduced in production

All your content, marketing and branding assets, contacts, budgets, projects and activities in one single platform.

  • Structure and overview to processes in your entire organization.
  • Improve your time-to-market.
  • Increase the quality of final marketing collateral.
  • Less mistakes in the approval and compliance process and zero errors in the final marketing product.
  • Improve reporting.
  • Instant overview of your situation.
  • Re-use existing pre-approved content and spend less time searching for lost content.
  • No emails circulate.
  • Work collaboratively online.
  • Latest content always visible.
  • Free up your resources.
  • Get more time for strategic planning.
  • Increase employee satisfaction.



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