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Build, manage, and share the planning framework for your entire business

Plan all your global and local activities and keep track of what needs to be done when and by whom. Assign activities to budgets and keep the overview of all costs. See the evaluation of activities to know what actually worked. Turn your marketing plan into the single source of truth for all stakeholders across the entire organization.

Onboard all stakeholders – internal and external

Let the system do the walking and manage workflows for you. Onboard your external suppliers and involve them whenever needed in your workflow – with full access control.

Ensure efficient production based on perfect briefs

Make it easy for your organization to brief projects or jobs to the marketing and communication department by template based job and project briefs. Ensure that absolutely every needed detail is available – and that any requirements for compliance checks are registered. Install core messages and products in the system to get the ability to develop and preapprove content for all your channels and purposes.

Ensure precision – also after translation

Manage translation processes with precision – with the possibility to design specific translation flows for a certain product, collateral type or language. Make sure translations are handled by the specified translators and that compliance checks are carried out by the required persons, internally or externally.

Produce faster and first time right

Empower your production people – internally or externally – to produce faster based on perfect briefs containing all information needed. Keep overview of your production, resource allocation and time spent on different production lines. Send produced collateral through online approval workflows with full audit trail. Compare versions to make sure that not only the changes you asked for were done, but also if any changes not asked for have been made.

Be sure that compliance checks are made

Manage multiple compliance workflows to ensure that collateral and content are submitted to appropriate compliance checks whenever needed throughout the workflow. Keep track of compliance appprovals with a full audit trail.

Activate your content in every channel with full overview

Distribute your content out to all relevant channels – and manage print production. Keep track of what is active where and ensure content is deactivated and made unavailable when it expires. Share content and collateral with local stakeholders – and redistribute workload away from the central marketing or production agency by giving access to design templates in the system.

Significant savings with Encode


% time saved on approvals


% errors eliminated before first approval


% time reduced in production

  • Structure and overview to processes in your entire organization and all branches
  • Improve your time-to-market.
  • Increase quality of the final marketing collateral.
  • Less mistakes in the approval and compliance process and no errors in the final marketing product.
  • Improve reporting.
  • Instant overview of your situation.
  • Re-use existing pre-approved content and spend less time searching for lost content.
  • No emails circulate.
  • Work collaboratively online.
  • Latest content always visible.
  • Free up your resources.
  • Get more time for strategic planning.
  • Increase employee satisfaction.



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