• Encode for manufacturers

    Minimise risks in your label production process

Perfect products and labels – zero errors

Be sure to get all the details

Get brand specific briefing templates to ensure that all relevant details and content are delivered in the right format to ensure efficient production and less approval rounds. Base your new label on previous label projects to hit the ground running with a minimum of errors.

Translate content early in the process to enable efficient production

Automate the translation workflow and keep track of translation jobs. Manage preferred agencies and translators automatically based on brand or customer preferences.

Seamless and automated workflows ensure involvement of all relevant stakeholders

Brand, department or customer specific system driven workflows make sure that absolutely all relevant stakeholders are involved at the right time and at the right workflow step. Get a complete overview of all ongoing projects.

Extract correct and precise information from the brief

Extract data, assets, and content from the brief to the label production. Based on the perfect brief, production is done confidently and with precision resulting in higher quality. First time right minimises the risk of expensive relabelling of products.

Manage approval and compliance with full audit trail

Involve relevant stakeholders at the exact right moment in time with online approvals. Compare versions of the label to see not only the changes you asked for, but ANY change made including the ones, which you did not ask for.

Create the next label much faster by reusing stored and already approved labels

Use any existing label as starting point for new label projects to started much faster and minimise the work. Minimise the approval workload by reusing already approved content and assets.

Some of our customers

"Encode reduces complexity and provides a structured overview of the most important processes. It has reduced time-to-market with more than 30% and ensured a much higher degree of quality with less mistakes. The team can now handle more work within the same time frame and with less stress due to no more endless emails. The team is now better at prioritizing their work. And they are much happier than before!"
Finbarr Gonzalez O'Sullivan , Head of Marketing, Agro Sevilla

Significant savings with Encode


% time saved on approvals


% errors eliminated before first approval


% time reduced in production

  • Structure and overview to processes in your entire organization.
  • Improve your time-to-market.
  • Increase quality of the final marketing collateral.
  • Less mistakes in the approval and compliance process and no errors in the final marketing product.
  • Improve reporting.
  • Instant overview of your situation.
  • Re-use existing pre-approved content and spend less time searching for lost content.
  • No emails circulate.
  • Work collaboratively online.
  • Latest content always visible.
  • Free up your resources.
  • Get more time for strategic planning.
  • Increase employee satisfaction.



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