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    Encode Retail Suite connects all steps in the core retail marketing workflow

Explore the flow through our Retail Suite

Be better prepared for supplier meetings

Sell your space and manage fees and contributions. Brief products and product families directly to your campaigns during supplier meetings. Align on annual planning across all campaigns and commercial themes.

Know what worked - and what not so much

Get the overview of which campaigns went well and which not so much and use that as a great starting point for new campaigns. Drill down on page and product level. Do heat mapping of your printed publications. Get easy access to your decision supporting figures and strategies.

Brief your products with greater precision, speed, and efficiency

Find and select products easily and with complete overview of content, performance, and pricing in previous as well as ongoing campaigns. Do automatic calculations of revenue, savings to avoid serious price point errors and to ensure perfect forecasting. Get perfect overview of all relevant aspects on the product – logistic, commercial, strategic – to ensure best possible decision making support.

Manage your marketing content efficiently and reduce approval workload

Store and reuse pre-approved product content, images, logos, and pictograms, which are automatically connected with the product, to brief products much faster and with greater precision. Make campaign specific content without damaging your master marketing content. Visualise instantly each page to see what it looks like and make immediate changes to reduce issues to be caught in later approval phases to an absolute minimum. Brief your production agency directly and manage the production process by remote control.

Get campaigns produced faster based on automation

Send campaigns to production based on automated exports to pagination engines. Reduce the need for manual work and the risk or errors happening during the production process to an absolute minimum. Get full control of who is responsible for which processes during the production process based on RACI logic.

Less compliance. Approval rounds handled much faster

Involve relevant stakeholders at the exact right moment in time with online approvals. Remove the risk of publishing unapproved content by using automated approval workflows and early approval logic.

Distribute campaigns into your ERP and channels. Automate the POS production

Send the fully approved campaign to production and distribution and use the campaign as a basis for fully automated production of signage and POS material. Ensure products and promotions are distributed via your communication and sales channels with the preapproved content and prices created earlier in the process. All with a minimum of manual labour and therefore a minimum of risk.

Make campaigns available to every internal and external stakeholder

Integrate your shops fully into the core retail workflow by giving them access to seeing all relevant aspects of the campaign. Give early warnings about assortments and promotions automatically to ensure the shops are fully prepared for the new campaigns. Ensure POS control and relevance by moving the workload of making ad hoc signs away from the marketing department or the external agency to the shop. Give POS access to signage templates – with or without automatic insertion of product master data. Display local stock data for campaign products and give warnings in case the shop is not fully prepared for the campaign. Inform suppliers based on fully automated campaign reports and proof of execution.

Some of our clients

"With Encode's system we get a lot more value for our marketing money. At the same time we avoid making mistakes and achieve a much higher quality"
Jens Henrik Jensby , Head of operations, JYSK Nordics

Encode makes you better


% time saved on approvals


% errors caught before first approval


% time reduced in production


% improved campaign margin - or more


% ownership of workflow and process


% workload redistributed from marketing to shop

  • Automate workflows and production of retail campaigns for all channels.
  • Get decision supporting information and the relevant process in the promotions briefing process.
  • Manage master marketing assets and text content for all channels.
  • Initial approval: Get immediate overview of a page or ad and reduce the number of approval rounds.
  • Enable heat mapping of your printed publications.
  • Eliminate errors in the final marketing product.



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