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Collaborate, Orchestrate, Accelerate

Meet the only business operations platform that transforms your digitalisation into a solid foundation. You consider what your business impact should be. We tailor-make a platform to fit your business and digital transformation.

Secure storage

The Encode Platform works how and where you want it. Keep your information secure with a cloud platform trusted by some of the world’s largest retailers, agencies, and brands.

Adaptable AI

Use Encode AI to make for insight-driven decisions and — business-specific artificial intelligence is just a few clicks away.


Configurable, no-code, API-driven architecture gives you the power to quickly and easily change how content is managed and makes it easy to add new pieces to your technology stack without costly customization — and without breaking what already works.

An adaptable platform to fit your needs

Digital transformation is top-of-mind for all businesses. You need to be able to collaborate, orchestrate, and automate to stay relevant and competitive. A no-code application platform such as Encode is designed to address these productivity challenges and pressures. 

Encode is configured to work within your existing business processes and technologies to build a tailored solution that uniquely meets your needs – a foundational platform for your business operations. Whether you’re looking for AI, custom app-building, or third-party integration, we have you covered.

Transform your business digitally

We want it to be easy for you so you can save time and money. So we propose a platform which is no-code at heart and puts you in the driver’s seat. You can add components and create an application that is tailored to your needs, across teams and time zones, and is based on automated processes.

Encode gives your business access to a best-in-breed tech stack that can be configured to tackle the toughest challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Benefits are real

  • Eliminate time-consuming and costly complexity in the creation of all your marketing campaigns, across all channels.
  • Using the same platform, teams collaborate easily, boosting creativity and productivity
  • Avoid costly errors by ensuring teams are always using accurate, up to date content
  • Use streamlined processes and automation to let teams focus on the customer experience
  • Clear project tracking helps spot and resolve costly problems before it’s too late
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Integrate with Everything

  • From core ERP and Commerce solutions to ageing legacy systems, Encode makes it easy to integrate any external systems, database, or custom app.
  • Choose from a wide variety of pre-built open-source connectors or build your own.
  • Develop your own back-end as a service in Encode and connect with popular cloud services
  • Build your own UI connected to Encode’s services
  • Orchestrate data across your systems with workflow and business logic.
  • Integrate with REST APIs with no coding.

A foundation for growth


Get just what you need today - then scale as you grow.

Cutting edge

Leading innovations for today and tomorrow.


Encode helps companies of all sizes run efficiently and compete in a digital world.

Why Users Love Encode

  • They improve productivity, consistency and brand value
  • They work smarter and save time with automation
  • They protect digital assets and control governance, privacy and security
  • In other words: They secure shorter time-to-market by optimising processes and operations

What makes us different

Encode takes a different approach to most other platforms. We develop industry-specific capabilities and blueprints on top of our no-code core.However, if you need to quickly implement a new business process, move from Excel to an integrated system, consolidate your tech stack, migrate an ageing legacy solution or launch an application to take advantage of new opportunities or adapt to market conditions, Encode also has you covered.

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We have the cases to prove the points

Like El Corte Inglés who rebuilt their legacy business-critical media management application in Encode in just three months. And many more case studies made possible by the adaptability of Encode.

Success stories