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Encode Engage

Create a cohesive in-app experience with Encode Engage User training simplified. Drive your usage of Encode for increased ROI.

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Why Encode Engage?

No code platforms allow unlimited configuration. Great for developing applications quickly, but can create challenges for end users. Documentation quickly falls out of date, and can be hard to find when users need it. When users lack confidence that they are using the new system correctly, they can fall back to old, manual methods, or create costly errors.

What is Encode Engage?

With Encode Engage, you can embed contextual guidance and training in your application so new users can onboard quickly, and existing users can easily adapt as your platform evolves.

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Adaptable In-app Training

Embed dynamic documentation that is easy to keep up to date. Highlight new capabilities, easily update workflows, and measure adoption. When training lives within your Encode application, users don’t need to go searching for help, the right help content finds them when they need it, wherever they are.

Compliance and Error Reduction

Raise awareness of policies and procedures. Enforce anything from naming conventions to supplier requirements.
Proactive interventions and at a glance helper guides ensure that users do it right the first time, reducing re-work and improving efficiency.

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Change management

Roll out new processes quickly across your organisation. With in-app guidance, you can put the necessary information right where your users need it the most, and monitor adoption and adherence to the new processes.

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Support User Training Everywhere

Whether you need to support retailers in the field, independent suppliers, or customer handoffs into your agency, use Encode Engage to distribute the right training content to the right people, wherever they are. 


Who builds the onboarding flows?

After some training, you can build the guides yourself or Encode’s Professional Services team can build the guides in collaboration with you so the tone of voice fits your brand.

Is any personal data captured and stored?

To work effectively, the only critical information that Encode needs is a unique identifier for each user in your application. This does not have to include any personally identifiable information for the user or the account, merely a unique identification. Passing additional information such as an email makes tracking easier, along with other demographic information to help build out segments, but this is not required.

Where is data stored?

Data for Encode Engage is processed and stored within the EU.