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Accelerate your approvals

With Encode Proofing

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Encode Proofing fast tracks content proofing and approvals. Whether it is used as a component in your end-to-end Encode solution or as a standalone application, Encode’s online proofing software has everything needed to manage your review and approval process so that you can deliver your content to market faster and meet any required compliance standards. Miscommunications, needless revisions, and delays are eliminated.


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Annotation & Collaboration

  • Markup video, PDFs, images, MS Office documents, and other formats with drawings, highlights and comments so that your teams and external contributors can provide clear, collaborative feedback and empower content creators to take action.
  • Granular permissions to control visibility of comments and drawings for each user’s permissions.
  • Combine the review and approval of marketing and creative briefs along with the final content review for an end-to-end creative production process.
  • Download all markup as a PDF including all drawings and comments for easy offline viewing in Adobe Acrobat.

Content Viewer

  • Play common video formats such as mp4, WebM and MXF.
  • Review common images formats such as JPEG, TIFF and GIF.
  • Best-in-class document viewing experience for PDFs and Office Documents with industry-leading zoom levels up to 6400% and amazingly crisp text/vector graphics quality.

Workflow & Notifications

  • Underpinned by the Workflow and Robotic Process Automation Engine of the Encode Core Platform.
  • Notifications can be sent either as email or in-app. For example, proof owners can get alerted if pending approvals’ deadlines are at risk.
  • Solve endless use cases without adding any complexity with Encode’s “no-code” automation. Whether it’s auto-closing old proofs, file conversions, or automating your entire content process, it only takes a few clicks.  
Engage Next Gen Video Proofing Version Management

Version Management

  • Granular permissions to control the visibility of specific versions for internal and external collaborators.
  • Fast comparisons between different versions to view differences either manually or highlighting differences visually in Overlay mode.
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  • Keep track of reviews in individual and team custom dashboards and widgets.
  • Compare versions by using the Compare mode or highlight changes using the Overlay mode.
  • Mixed media proofing so an image file can be compared with a video. For example, the original video storyboard PDF can be compared with the produced mp4 video.
  • Build custom validation rules and conditional formatting for use in metadata forms and record views.


  • Count proofing rounds for help identifying the root cause of quality issues or billing extra work if your services rate card includes a pre-defined number of versions.
  • Log the time taken between workflow stages for monitoring SLAs and alerting on breaches.
  • Create custom reports in dashboards or download for viewing in Excel.
  • Integrate with Business Intelligence platforms such as Microsoft PowerBI.
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  • Single sign-on for login that’s simple and secure with support for Okta, AWS Cognito, OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0.
  • All data in transit between Encode and users are encrypted. All files and metadata stored within Encode is encrypted at rest.
  • Encode platform is hosted at Google Cloud Platform. Google employs a robust security program with multiple certifications, including ISO 27001 and SOC 1/2/3. For more information on Google’s security processes and compliance standards, please visit cloud.google.com/security


  • Enterprise-level branding, which allows you to change things like colors and logos and apply themes to specific user groups to reflect that group’s branding.
  • Vanity URLs allow you to control the branded experience of your Encode proofs by customizing the URL where they are accessed.

Huge time savings and zero errors

At Encode, we have seen hundreds of different approval workflows. And we have learned how to optimize those flows. 

From time-consuming, tedious processes that create delays and disturb managers with irrelevant approvals - to extremely efficient workflows with basically one approval round from brief to publishing. 

75 %
Time saved during approval and compliance
90 %
"Instant approvals" with preapproved content catch around 90% of all errors
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