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Create a cohesive in-app experience with PX Adopt. User training simplified. Drive your usage of Encode for increased ROI.

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Encode PX Adopt allows you to build onboarding flows to guide users to the highest value activities faster so they get the immediate benefits. This add-on allows you to understand the user’s behavior and create a more cohesive experience with automated onboarding and contextual in-application messaging.

The challenge with the configurable applications developed by many no-code platforms is that traditional user documentation is not viable as the look and feel and functionality of the application varies between customers and between iterations of each application. Encode PX Adopt solves that challenge by the ability to build in-app guides in the context of where the user is navigating in the application. This can lead up to a 50% improvement in onboarding time and effort.


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Deliver in-app guidance tailored to different teams

Get users up-to-speed quickly when you deploy Encode. Modify product walkthroughs for specific user groups to ensure they’re getting the training most relevant to them.

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Measure adoption across teams and individuals

Help your team take full advantage of the applications deployed and improve the return on your Encode investment. Evolve best practices as users streamline their processes.

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Provide in-context training wherever users get stuck

Anticipate blockers by identifying common usage challenges. Deploy tooltips and troubleshooting guidance to proactively support your teams.

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Reduce time-consuming, resource-intensive training

Customize in-app onboarding without developer resources. Analyze the impact of your onboarding process against activation objectives and make updates in real-time.

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Reduce common support tickets

Identify the features or pages that generate user friction. Walk users through the tricky parts of your workflow to course-correct without involving customer support.


Who builds the onboarding flows?

After some training, you can build the guides yourself or Encode’s Professional Services team can build the guides in collaboration with you so the tone of voice fits your brand.

Is any personal data captured and stored?

To work effectively, the only critical information that Encode needs is a unique identifier for each user in your application. This does not have to include any personally identifiable information for the user or the account, merely a unique identification. Passing additional information such as an email makes tracking easier, along with other demographic information to help build out segments, but this is not required.

Where is data stored?

Data for Encode PX Adopt is processed and stored within the EU.