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Encode gives you the ability to answer some essential questions:

  • Where’s my time going?
  • How much do my projects really cost?
  • How much are they bringing in?

Start and stop timers as you work through your job and task list, or enter all your hours into a timesheet in one go. Encode lets you track time in whatever way is easiest for you.

Time & Expense Tracking

  • Track time as you work. Flexible tracking lets you track time as you work, or enter hours after you’re done.
  • Track with precision. Track time to specific projects, jobs and tasks, and add comments to remember exactly what you worked on.
  • Review your time. See what you tracked for the entire week.
  • Enter time in bulk. Record hours in a weekly timesheet all at once.


  • Team view. Compare capacity to actual tracked time. See who’s overworked, and who might not be working enough.
  • Keep track of billable and non-billable hours. Ensure your team’s doing enough billable work

Automatic Reminders. Send your team friendly reminders to submit their time.