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Connect with your entire finance, commerce and content ecosystem

From retailer sites and stores to marketplaces to distributors to online and offline advertising to financial systems, Encode helps you easily get your content and business information live everywhere you need to be. 

We have built several add-ons to connect your systems and processes to the Encode Platform. Our integration capabilities connect your enterprise information systems to provide a central hub for all of your business information, a single platform to build custom applications and interfaces from and the ability to optimize and modernize your information management technology stack.

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From core ERP and Commerce solutions to aging legacy systems, Encode makes it easy to integrate any external systems, database, or custom app.

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Choose from a wide variety of pre-built open-source connectors or build your own.

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Develop your own back-end as a service in Encode and connect with popular cloud services.

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Build your own UI connected to Encode’s services.

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Orchestrate data across your systems with workflow and business logic.

Google Cloud (1)


Google Cloud enables users to understand the content of an image by utilizing powerful machine learning models and quickly classify images into thousands of categories. Encode provides an add-on for Google's automatic image tagging capabilities, fully integrated into Encode's image management and manipulation workflow. Google analyses image data and automatically identifies categories and suggests tags, a process that would take huge amounts of time and resources if performed manually. 

With the Google auto-tagging add-on, you can extend Encode's powerful content service and image tagging features. When using the Google auto-tagging add-on, your images are automatically tagged according to the categories detected in each image.

Tip: You can optionally request the category and tag results in another language or in multiple languages by registering for the Auto-translate Add-on in addition to the Tagging add-on.*

Google Translate

Auto-translate (Powered by Google Translate)

Use the Auto-translate Connector with a text field or text box within any Encode metadata model. Select a source field to be translated and then map to target fields for as many languages required (for those supported by Google Translate).

Alternatively, in conjunction with Encode’s Auto-tagging Connector, translate the detected tags into any supported language or into multiple languages. Translations are generated using the Google Cloud state-of-the-art neural machine translation. For example, uploading an image and requesting English, Danish, and Spanish translations of the tags detected by the Connector.

Jira Software


Automated Workflows. Eliminate wasted time by synchronizing information between Encode and Jira. Automatically create new tickets in Jira when you assign new work in Encode.

Status Updates. Track all of your projects in one place, no matter which tool is used. Tasks automatically update based on Jira ticket status, so you can clearly track the progress of both Encode and Jira projects in the Encode platform.

Sync Files. Whether a file is uploaded into Encode or into JIRA, the files will be kept in sync.



Xero Connector is an integration between Xero, the cloud accounting software and the powerful Encode platform, automating the business workflow between Sales/Account Management and Accounting, increasing efficiency, reducing the costs and time to Invoice and most importantly, improving your customer's experience.

Invoice Synchronization. Draft the Invoice in Encode and push to Xero when ready to send. Finalize the Invoice in Xero or send directly to the customer and see the status automatically updated in Encode. Create Credit Notes in Encode and push to Xero for sending to the Customer.

Wordbee (1)


Global content is king. It is important to keep your content to your standards when your brand is reaching the global market status with Encode. Beebox helps you to create multilingual content easier and faster.

Localize your content as fast as you can create them. Reduce cost and budget with translation memories. Start your translation projects immediately for dynamic content production in Encode.

Prioritize translation tasks and eliminate developer costs. Beebox helps you prioritize translation tasks according to your needs and significantly reduce or eliminate development costs related to setting up translation memories or connecting to translation suppliers.



Templafy is the smart way to manage, dynamically update and share business document templates and brand assets throughout an organisation, from anywhere and from any device. Thanks to the integration with Encode, you can access your digital assets from Encode inside of any Office application via the Templafy panel.

The Encode Content Library appears as a task pane embedded inside document creation apps – including email. It provides intuitive one-click-access to company assets.

Find company templates, presentations, slides, text elements, icons, and images. Real-time updates at Admin level mean that assets are always up-to-date, on-brand, and compliant. 



EasyCatalog is an add-on to InDesign, which enables you to automate the production of, for example, leaflets, catalogues, posters, and signage based on a rich set of connectivity, import, and pagination features. EasyCatalog will reduce your time to market on the printed and digital publications prepared with InDesign and help you minimise the number of errors in the final publication by removing a lot of the manual production steps.

The exports made from Encode are structured to support easy pagination with EasyCatalog.

With EasyCatalog, you have the perfect supplement to your Encode platform, which will allow you to spend more time on value-adding creative and graphic tasks by reducing the time spent on getting the data onto the page and reduce the number of approval rounds.

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