The time to market mindset

Your ability to compete depends on your entire organization to live and breathe "time to market".

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T2M has direct impact on the commercial agility and success of your company.

Time to market is the measurable result of your organization’s marketing skills which in combination with the muscles and capabilities of your technology stack have a direct impact on your speed of getting marketing activities out to the market.

We call it "having a time to market mindset".

Technology itself will not do the trick. Tech is definitely a crucial enabler, especially if the technology can energize the core workflows within your business and not only be islands in your end-to-end workflow.

The basic question is: How well prepared are you to improve your time to market and to ensure the future success of your company?

The answer is black and white: Either you are prepared – or you're not.

The answer is black and white: Either you're prepared – or you're not.

Encode has developed an advanced analysis toolbox which will give you immediate insights into your time to market capabilities. We strongly advise to do thorough analysis before the start of an implementation project.

The analysis covers a wide range of aspects, which contribute significantly to the time to market speed. Here are a few examples:

  • The number of steps in your core workflow.
  • The time spent at and between each main workflow step.
  • The number of people involved end-to-end in your workflow.
  • The level of skills and education of your staff.
  • The maturity level of automation and system based decision support throughout the workflow.
  • The time spent on managing your content and your assets.
  • The reusability of content and assets across channels and campaigns.
  • The ability to onboard suppliers and service providers (eg. agencies) into your core workflow.
  • The scalability of your core workflow compared to your strategic business aims.
  • The willingness to change within of your organisation.

Successful and lasting change should be deeply embedded in the DNA of your organisation. In other words:

Change needs to be top of mind.

Implementation follows analysis

Encode will help you determine the maturity of not only your core workflow, your technology stack and your teams. We will also help you implement a time to market mindset on all levels of your organisation to maximise your investment in the Encode software.