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The solution

for jem & fix

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The solution for jem & fix

jem & fix is a major regional DIY retail chain with +150 stores in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden and boasts the largest DIY chain revenue in Denmark. 

IT is a core driver for jem & fix’s efficiency, and this way, they can offer competitive prices to customers and sustain a highly profitable business. Campaigns are planned several months and production of all marketing collateral must start as close to the campaign week as possible so jem & fix can respond to market changes.

A core challenge when you produce a campaign and gather all the data is to have zero errors in the final piece of advertising. Read more about the solution for jem & fix, and how they shorten their production time, optimize their time to market, ensure precision, and avoid errors.

"Since the beginning of our journey with Encode, we have achieved zero errors in our marketing collateral and much fewer proofing rounds. We have saved a lot on production and can switch agency if we need to, and we definitely have a shorter time to market." - Claus Petersen, CEO at jem & fix.

So do you want to be able to respond to market changes, more flexibility, shorter production time, zero errors in your marketing collateral, and much fewer proofing rounds?

Read more about the Encode solution for jem & fix and how they can sustain a highly profitable business here.


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