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JYSK success story

JYSK is an international retail chain that opened its first department store in Denmark in 1979 with a dream of selling everything to your home.

Having a clear overview is crucial when JYSK communicates their weekly offers through several channels to 2884 stores in 52 countries around the world.

The need for a more structured approach to their campaigns increased as the number of stores expanded, both nationally and internationally. In 2004, growth was so significant that JYSK needed a platform to optimize their weekly offers. 

JYSK wanted a common tool where everyone had access to the same information. The

aim was to make sure prices were correct, avoid correcting texts in multiple places in their system, and that it would be possible to see pictures and logos directly alongside the texts to ensure proper exports for interest drawing.

Ever since, Encode has provided a consistent and structured approach to their campaigns across different markets. The Encode solution for JYSK has helped in quality assurance and has thereby reduced errors and production time.

“With Encode’s platform, we get greater value for our marketing money. At the same time, we avoid making mistakes and achieve higher quality. With the marketing platform from Encode, we can publish offers much more frequently."

Jens-Henrik Jensby - Director, Integration, and Digital Development JYSK.


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