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How to reduce your approval rounds to one

Minimize the time spent on approvals, speed up production time and increase efficiency in your marketing production processes.

This piece is for everyone - from retailers managing complex promotion marketing to medico marketeers living up to regulatory compliance issues and an almost infinite sequence of approvers - or to freelancers managing work for multiple agencies and corporate marketing departments. 

Download the white paper here. 

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7 places to optimise time to market for the modern omnichannel retailer

At Encode, we are highly privileged to meet up with dozens of high performing omnichannel retailers every year. Many of them are already amongst our clients, and we have the fortune to cooperate with them on ongoing improvement projects and performance-boosting initiatives.

What should you be looking for to establish how well your retail workflows and organization perform, besides the hard commercial KPIs focusing on sales, square-inch performance, profits, conversion rates, and basket size?

Read this white paper to find out!

Download the white paper here.