Are you throwing a big rock or a small stone into the water with each approval round?

Fast approvals in very few steps – and zero errors published

Where in the workflow do you do your approvals? And why? How many resources do you involve and how much work do you trigger by each approval?

Could the number of approval rounds be reduced?

How are your abilities to distribute the approval efforts throughout the end to end workflow instead of doing all approvals at the end?

What are the most typical corrections made after an approval round?

All of these questions (and then some) leads us to help you build a strategy towards the fastest and most precise approval and compliance processes. 

Our Approval and Compliance strategy services can include:

  • Workflow analysis
  • Data model analysis
  • Organizational design analysis
  • Culture analysis
  • Data quality analysis
Want to reduce your approval rounds?

Want to reduce your approval rounds?

Download our whitepaper and learn how to minimize time spent on approvals, speed up production time, and increase efficiency in your marketing production processes.

This piece is for everyone – from retailers managing complex promotion marketing to medico marketeers living up to regulatory compliance issues and an almost infinite sequence of approvers – or to freelancers managing work for multiple agencies and corporate marketing departments.

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