Workflow optimisation

Speed up your marketing processes and improve your time to market.

Your workflows are the lifelines of your organisation.

While developing your organisation you constantly develop your workflows and eventually things start to clutter a bit.

Routines, systems and processes become less optimal and typically Encode can improve speeds from 20% to 90%, which can make a huge difference in a competitive market.

Encode has many years of experience with workflow optimisation from working with numerous brands, retailers and ad agencies.

We analyse your existing workflows, report our findings to you and discuss ways forward in regards to routines & processes and systems to be changed and/or integrated.

Our Workflow Optimisation Service can consist of:


  • Analysis of your current workflow state
  • Analysis of time spent on all steps throughout the workflow
  • Analysis of level of skills available at each workflow step
  • Costs analysis per workflow step
  • Improved workflow designs
  • Workload redistribution strategies to minimize time and resources spent per step
  • Identification of automation candidates
  • Cost reduction per workflow step



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