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Encode for Agencies

You want digital maturity and smart workflows instantly? We accommodate your needs and you future-proof your business. Our platform is built on a cloud, no-code architecture, making onboarding simple and application extensions smooth.

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Some of our clients

"We see Encode as a key partner within our tech stack. We have used it to integrate with our own technology and also other tech partners. We have found that when our clients utilise our tech stack, including Encode, they typically become a long term client of Splash."

Ben Terry, CTO of Splash

Retail Process

Adapt to an ever-changing market

Encode’s marketing work management (MWM) platform puts agencies in control of commercial and content flows. We provide agencies with intelligent dashboard overview of project status, progress and across teams. Besides, onboarding has never been easier.

  • Self-service to improve customer experience
  • Transparency on all estimates and costs
  • Automated workflows and limitless integration
  • Full support for the entire workflow from request to distribution
  • Innovation at speed with no-code extensions to standard apps or custom built apps 

Encode has specific support for the complex and unique agency use case of global work and project management. Whether your business is local or global - or both - you will be able to meet the challenges, because your workflows are effective, and your insights are real-time, all the time.

So you can drive growth locally and globally.

Benefits are real

  • Everyone can collaborate 
  • Everyone will always know the latest status
  • Everyone can make informed decisions and deliver effectively globally and locally
  • Everyone can quickly adapt to changing conditions with no-code development.
Collect, manage, and route work


Collect, manage, and route your work

  • Estimate and integrate unplanned work into the existing workflows
  • Establish a formal intake process and standardise ad hoc requests.
  • Prioritise and collaborate collectively for shared visibility and faster delivery.
Centralised workload management


Centralised workload management

Manage resource allocation by having transparent and informed insights into:

  • Task Assignment
  • Time Management
  • Workload Management
Work seamlessly across your distributed teams


Work seamlessly across your distributed teams

  • Stay informed of progress across all your teams whether in-house or external
  • Generate faster and with less errors through automated creative production
  • Get 24/7 visibility and real-time updates with built-in messaging and notifications
Ensure brand, commercial, legal and product compliance


Ensure brand, commercial, legal and product compliance

  • Remove the risk of publishing unapproved content
  • Marketing content reviews
  • Have automated approval workflows and early approval logic.
Utilise information across all your upstream systems and downstream channels.


Use information across all your systems and channels.

  • Centralise and work smarter through a brand portal
  • Automated end-to-end tool to distribute content to all teams, channels and systems
  • Smart store profiling and signage portal
Leverage insights to help you work smarter, faster, and better

Bill and Measure

Leverage insights to help you work smarter, faster, and better

  • Surface analytics across operational efficiency, content production, and team performance
  • Measure operational efficiency. SLAs & production progress
  • Supplier purchase orders, customer billing and integration to accounting systems
Act on insights to adjust your plans and processes


Act on insights to adjust your plans and processes

  • Adapt easily with no-code application builder to meet new requirements in your business
  • Onboard your entire value chain with full control
  • Refine content for ongoing and planned campaigns.
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We have the cases to prove the points

Like El Corte Inglés who rebuilt their legacy business-critical media management application in Encode in just three months. And many more case studies made possible by the adaptability of Encode.

Success stories

Encode is secure storage, enterprise-grade and a scalable solution:


The Encode Platform works how and where you want it to. Keep your information secure with a cloud platform trusted by some of the world’s largest retailers, agencies, and brands.

Eliminate commercial and creative chaos

Automation of complex business processes and workflows means teams can effectively collaborate and eliminate costly mistakes.

Be flexible and stay ahead of the competition

Configurable, no-code, API-driven architecture gives you the power to quickly and easily change how information is managed and makes it easy to add new pieces to your technology stack without costly customization — and without breaking what already works.