Brand Management

Brand Management

We organize the world’s marketing departments

As marketing departments go global, the need for a centralized and controlled marketing process gets important. Make sure brand guidelines are followed, use the latest digital assets, speed up the approval process and enjoy collaboration and reuse.

Encode Brand Management suite

We help every employee to do what they do best. The CMO gets actionable insight via dashboards, creative people get job lists and Digital Job Jackets. All managed in a streamlined workflow with global excess.

  • Brand management Dashboards
  • Global access for company departments or shops
  • Campaign Management and planning
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Print, digital and video approvals
  • Product Content Management and delivery to media channel
  • Private label and packaging workflows

Launching global campaigns demands a unified approach, not a stack of different marketing systems, to keep brand messaging aligned, even across media channels. With the help of our content module, review and approve content prior to posting to ensure quality and consistency.

  • Approve digital content, print ads and video in one tool. Engage with your colleagues in local departments, external agencies and the management level to get your marketing elements approved in a seamless process.

  • See which team member or external partner made an edit, left a comment, when the change was made and why it was needed. Audit trails help ensure guidelines are followed and best practices are maintained.

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