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For Category Leaders

Reduce the time to market. We support your ambitions by automating workflows and having suppliers add value directly.

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Do you desire for a single view of activities and content?

Get a platform that will create a hub for all parties to easily access and track changes in real time.

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Do you recognise the benefit of having suppliers load information digitally?

With the Encode Supplier Portal you will get. the right prices and content every time, because your supplier feeds it directly into the portal - freeing up time and possible errors on your side. 

CL 3

Do you want to be sure products are on the shelves when campaigns start?

Have suppliers proactively suggest promotions which will then be reviewed and approved by the category managers, enhancing and automating the promotional workflow.

CL 4

Do you have resources solely dedicated to manipulating product information?

The Supplier Platform enables your suppliers, not you, to secure product data, images, videos, product manuals or translations corresponds with brand identity throughout the value chain.

CL 3 (1)

Do you believe that you might reduce the time to market by 50%?

Increase margin by delivering operational efficiencies through automation, and be able to adapt to market changes and competitor “moves” much quicker. 

CL 6

Need to reduce onboarding time for new category managers?

Having seamless and automated purchasing procedures with your suppliers can reduce the training time up to 40%.

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