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Automate through your own platform.

We facilitate your ambitions for a seamless integration of data and technology.

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Do you need to have systems that fit today?

Get free from trying to catch up with technology trends and add-ons constantly and get a scalable and easy navigable no-code platform solution.


Do you want to seriously automate workflows?

Automate repetitive tasks and large volumes so humans are freed up for higher value/creative activities.


Do you have a stratified technological landscape?

With Encode you can integrate with any of your legacy systems, corporate or third-party solutions, becoming the backbone of your new technology and connected landscape.


Do you foresee data security concerns using a cloud solution?

Keep your information secure with a cloud platform trusted by some of the world’s largest retailers, agencies, and brands. (Each client on the Encode platform runs within its own isolated environment and cannot interact with other applications or areas of the system. It is designed to prevent security and stability issues.)

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