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Keep up with ROI and reduce business risk.

We support your ambitions with real-time data and automated insights to stay alert.

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Do you manage invoicing or budgets through Excel files?

Bring all budgets together in the same collaborative and digital environment, and automate your estimating process. Ensure that you action the invoice generation process with no errors

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Do you need to be alerted when needed?

Manage access rights, responsibilities and track changes in real time by receiving financial alerts for any budget incident.

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Do you want to control your ROI in real time all along the way?

Encode allows you to effectively plan your marketing budget estimations and keep up with internal and external expenditure.

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Do you wish to calculate, in real time, the ROI for each of your brands or clients?

Control your ROI in real time and configure your very own warnings should your custom KPIs deviate from the initial planning.

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