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Optimise workflows to adopt a coordinated multi-channel approach

We support your ambitions with an adaptive platform that maximises your digital initiatives

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Do you wish to embrace automation?

Reduce the time and effort it takes to deliver better campaigns. Get more effective workflows by way of automation, yet ensure your employees stay engaged and motivated.

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Do you know how to optimise your marketing budget?

Manage all phases of your marketing campaigns even with decentralised teams across time zones. Encode allows you to effectively organise your workload across all stakeholders to reduce your time to market.

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Do you need to coordinate projects with less manual work?

Onboard all your internal and external in a unique process. Spend less time collecting reports and instead create value for your organisation. 

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Do you want to be ahead of obstacles?

Configure custom warnings to proactively deal with changes when these unexpectedly occur - thus avoiding reactive planning.

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