Creative Project Management

Creative Project Management

We organize the world’s agencies

Agencies require a system that can support global clients as well as a global company structure. The ability to deliver cross media global campaigns is key for growth.

Encode Creative Project Management suite

The goal is simple, have one system where you manage all your client interaction, from brief to final delivery. Every feature in the Encode system is designed and built to improve and secure the effective delivery to your Client. Launching global campaigns demands an efficient creative workflow and not a stack of different interaction points.

  • Digital Job Jacket workflow
  • Creative Project Dashboard
  • Campaign Management and planning
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Asset, digital and video approvals
  • Global access
  • Easy adaption to new media content

As an Creative Project Manager using Encode, you will be able to collaborate with clients, manage projects and jobs, meet approval deadlines in a collaborative workflow. A global set-up makes you collaborate with your clients and colleagues and have one shared Creative Project Management suite.

  • The Dashboard section of the Encode platform will keep you up to date and ready to keep track of your campaigns, projects and jobs. The Dashboard and notifications will create an efficient workflow between you, your colleagues and the clients.

  • Approval workflows are very time consuming and often based on manual processes. With a streamlines approval workflow that works alongside your campaigns and jobs, you can save up to 60% of the process time spent on print ads, digital content and video approvals. This built-in feature makes you and your client collaborate and work efficiently.