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Encode for Financial Services

You want better control of your marketing activities and the interactions with all your teams.

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How Encode helps financial services face challenges now and in the future

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Benefits are real

Encode’s marketing work management (MWM) platform makes it easier to manage workflows, create regulatory compliant content and deliver projects on time, giving you complete control of your brand and essentially improving your time-to-market.

  • Providing process transparency across your entire organisation
  • Securing  no errors in the final product and marketing content

  • Minimising the mistakes in the approval and compliance process

  • Enabling true digital and automated workflows

  • Showing real-time overview of budget spend, product production and progress

When product and marketing production is controlled centrally and executed locally, it achieves better results. The greatest benefits that Encode brings to a manufacturer are control, visibility, connectivity and adaptability.

So you can grow digitally and sustainably.

Increase quality of your brie


Increase quality of your briefs

Make it easy for your organization to brief projects or jobs to the marketing and communication department by template based job and project briefs. Ensure that absolutely every needed detail is available – and that any requirements for compliance checks are registered. Use pre-approved content for all your channels and purposes.

  • Self-Service Portal for All Teams
  • Standardised Request Templates
  • Automated Workflows
Build, manage, and share the planning framework for your entire business


Build, manage, and share the planning framework for your entire business

Plan all your global and local activities and keep track of what needs to be done when and by whom. Assign activities to budgets and keep the overview of all costs. See the evaluation of activities to know what actually worked. Turn your marketing plan into the single source of truth for all stakeholders across the entire organization.

  • Campaign Management
  • Budget and Spend Management
  • Workload Management
Work faster and more efficiently


Work faster and more efficiently

Empower your production people – internally or externally – to produce faster based on perfect briefs containing all information needed. Keep overview of your production, resource allocation and time spent on different production lines. Manage specific translation processes with precision for any content type or language.

  • Multi-party Creative Production

  • Automated Creative Production

  • Automated Translation Workflows

Ensure brand, commercial and legal compliance of your content


Ensure brand, commercial and legal compliance of your content

Manage multiple compliance workflows to ensure that content is submitted to appropriate compliance checks whenever needed throughout the workflow. Keep track of compliance approvals with a full audit trail.

  • Brand compliance
  • Marketing content reviews
  • Legal compliance reviews
Sales enablement across all channels


Sales enablement across all channels

An automated end-to-end tool to distribute content to all teams, channels and systems.

  • Brand Portal for always accessible content
  • Automated delivery to distribution channels
  • Self-service content creation from pre-approved dynamic templates
Leverage insights to help you work smarter, faster, and better


Leverage insights to help you work smarter, faster, and better

Surface analytics across operational efficiency, content production, and team performance. Encode provides marketing leaders the necessary insights to quantify impact on the bottom line and make informed decisions that improve efficiency, optimise programs, and drive growth.

  • Content performance
  • Operational efficiency
  • Spend management
Create the next asset much faster with reuse of approved content


Create the next asset much faster with reuse of approved content

Refine existing content for ongoing and planned campaigns. Move additional processes from Excel and legacy systems to an integrated platform and create new vertical solutions.

  • No-code application builder
  • Easily adaptable to meet new requirements in your business
  • Open to the world - onboard your entire value chain with full control
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We have the cases to prove the points

Like El Corte Inglés who rebuilt their legacy business-critical media management application in Encode in just three months. And many more case studies made possible by the adaptability of Encode.

Success stories

Encode is secure storage, enterprise-grade and a scalable solution:


The Encode Platform works how and where you want it to. Keep your information secure with a cloud platform trusted by some of the world’s largest retailers, agencies, and brands.

Eliminate commercial and creative chaos

Automation of complex business processes and workflows means teams can effectively collaborate and eliminate costly mistakes.

Be flexible and stay ahead of the competition

Configurable, no-code, API-driven architecture gives you the power to quickly and easily change how information is managed and makes it easy to add new pieces to your technology stack without costly customization — and without breaking what already works.