Private Label Product Management

Private label product manufacturing

We provide a platform to world leading private label manufacturers

Whether you are developing or manufacturing private label products, the process of managing the entire process from concept to sellable product is complex. Usually there are many internal and external stakeholders involved, and the sources for miscommunication, errors in data or compliance or lack of product information for market introduction cause delays and slower time to market. Make sure the product is developed according to needs and guidelines, all subdeliveries of content, design and packaging is done in time and compliance is managed. Work in a collaborative way with all stakeholders and suppliers.

Encode Private Label Product Management Suite

We ensure higher efficiency and precision during the entire process from concept to finished product. Both the customer and the manufacturer as well as third party providers of packaging and designs are engaged in each project in a collaborative way. All managed in a streamlined workflow with global excess.

  • Process management Dashboards
  • Global access for manufacturers and suppliers
  • Project Management and planning
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Product, label and packaging approvals
  • Product Content Management and translation flow management
  • Compliance workflows

The successful launch of a private label product demands a unified approach, not a stack of different management systems and methods, to ensure fast time to market and precision for all types of private label products. With the help of our solution, you manage the entire process from concept to fully developed product and ensure precision, correctness and compliance of documentation, labels, packaging, marketing content, product data, specifications, logos, and branding.

  • Collaborate on product development, text content, visual identity and brand, packaging, planning, communication, compliance and approval in one tool. Engage with your customers, suppliers, internal departments, external agencies and the management level to get your private label products ready in a seamless process.

  • See which team member or external partner added content, made an edit, left a comment, when the change was made and why it was needed. Audit trails help ensure guidelines are followed and best practices are maintained.

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