Product Content Management

Product Content Management

Product Content Management is core business

Turn your Product Content into Marketing Content in an easy process making internal departments collaborate and make products available for marketing and partners with a fast and secure process.

Encode Product Content Management suite

When given the right tools, Product Content Management is turned into a dynamic process, where more departments, from Purchase and Category Management onto Marketing and Sales work in a collaborative process making the product time to market a matter of hours not weeks.

  • Product content Dashboards
  • Product content database
  • Campaign Management and planning
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Acquire product data from many data sources
  • Analysis on product performance in marketing campaigns
  • Maintain product content for multiple media channels

Motivate the teams to make Product Content Management an important part of the marketing and sales process. The right product content, presented and promoted at the right price, on the right media channel, is a powerful way of making your eCommerce platform perform better, improve the performance of your emails and make your digital banners and print ads perform in a multi-channel landscape.

  • Integrating to eCommerce platforms via XML import and export or standard built interfaces, makes the product content flow directly onto the eCommerce platform making the handling of hundreds of thousands of Pictures and Content an automated process.

  • Calculate your expected product performance and collect sales data to optimize your Product Content.

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