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Encode for retailers

You want to make informed commercial decisions? Get a platform that ensures you stay agile with digital workflows and automated processes. We enable you to integrate internal and external stakeholders all the way.

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"With Encode's system we get a lot more value for our marketing money. At the same time we avoid making mistakes and achieve a much higher quality"

Jens Henrik Jensby , Head of operations, JYSK Nordics

Retail Process

Adapt to an ever-changing market

Encode’s marketing work management (MWM) platform puts retailers in control of commercial and content flows across category, marketing and creative operations. Besides, onboarding has never been easier. Whether your business is offline or online - or both - you will be able to meet the challenges.

  • workflows are effective
  • insights are real-time
  • connect people across the entire value chain 
  • deliver effectively globally and locally

The greatest benefits that Encode brings to a retailer are control, visibility, connectivity and adaptability. 

So you can drive growth digitally and sustainably. 

Benefits are real

  • Self-service to improve supplier and employee experience
  • Transparency on commercial and content performance
  • Faster time-to-market thanks to automated workflows and limitless integration
  • Full support for the entire process from negotiation to distribution
  • Innovation at speed with no-code extensions to adapt processes
Set and share strategies


Prepare efficiently across category, procurement, marketing, supplier and agency teams

  • Gather real-time insights into budget and space allocation
  • Plan campaigns digitally and expediently
  • Control media and production planning
Allocate products to promotions


Ensure true compliance with your suppliers

  • Find and select products easily
  • Stay updated on product allocation and commercial terms - always
  • Use performance insights to start new promotions
omnichannel promotions


Have a complete overview of required content across all your channels

  • Develop and manage pre-approved content
  • Manage content and specification seamlessly
  • Let suppliers enrich the products
Automate content production


Automate your content production

  • Merge product feed into creative templates
  • Produce layout and language variants
  • Manage outputs for pricing, online, signage & replenishment systems
brand, commercial, legal and product compliance


Ensure your complete brand compliance

  • Involve relevant stakeholders with online approvals
  • Limit errors by early approval logic and automated workflows
  • Secure product content readiness

upstream systems and downstream channels


Deliver campaigns to all channels, systems and production teams

  • Export campaign to ERP, cash registers and other Tech Stack components
  • Product feeds to online channels
  • Smart store profiling and signage portal
Leverage insights


Leverage insights to help you work smarter, faster, and better

  • Track campaign & content performance
  • Understand operational efficiency, SLAs & production
  • Provide proof of execution reporting to your suppliers
Insights to adjust plans and processes


Act on insights with no delay

  • Move old processes from Excel and legacy systems to an integrated platform
  • Meet new requirements in your business with full control
  • Onboard your entire value chain with no-code development

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We have the cases to prove the points

Like El Corte Inglés who rebuilt their legacy business-critical media management application in Encode in just three months. And many more case studies made possible by the adaptability of Encode.

Success stories