Work smarter with a Supplier Portal

Let your suppliers update their own product information. Secure error-free digital assets and improve product lifecycle management. And change your time to market.

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What can the Supplier Portal do for you?

With the Encode Supplier Portal, you can make the existing product data directly accessible to suppliers and provide access rights to propose changes to “their” products. Simply integrate the supplier product information into your campaign workflows.

Ensure data is updated and accurate
Let suppliers install products directly into your campaigns
Review and approve or decline changes and easily update product information

They have 623,000 items for sale and thousands of suppliers. To sell the products, they need product descriptions, copywriting, pictures, videos, graphics, manuals, marketing descriptions, and so much more. And our main priority is to make life easier for our customers.

Peter Grønbæk
Business Director, Encode

Solve the problem with Encode Supplier Portal

What is the challenge?

Communication is all across your mailboxes and messaging tools or at the supplier - not integrated into any automated workflow management.

What is the solution?

Centralise all communication from both internal and external stakeholders. Let suppliers create new products or do maintenance on existing products.

What is the outcome?

Reduce time wasted on requesting and processing the same data over and over from the suppliers, and remove non-value-adding steps.


On the supplier side

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Suppliers create products or update existing products - directly and instantly
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Easier for suppliers to warn about price adjustments
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Let suppliers install products directly into your campaigns

On your side

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Capture the reasons for price adjustment
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Reduce time wasted requesting the same data from suppliers
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Remove non-value adding steps from your product and data onboarding workflows

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